Fox News just reported that two New York-area commuter trains have collided in Connecticut, and there are preliminary reports of eight or nine ambulances on the scene with injuries being reported. In a statement from the Metro North Railroad, the incident was referred to as a "major derailment."

Below is the statement from MNR/LIRR Spokeswoman Marjorie Anders on the derailment:

At about 6:10 p.m. an eastbound train, the 4:41 p.m. train out of New Haven due Grand Central at 6:32 p.m derailed just east of the Fairfield metro station.  

In so doing it hit a westbound train on the adjacent track. some cars of that train, the 5:30 p.m. out of New Haven due 7:18p.m., also derailed. Emergency personnel are arriving at this major derailment and there are preliminary reports of injuries.

There is no Metro-North service between Stamford and New Haven, trains en route are being stopped at the nearest station.