With the youth unemployment rate at an all time high, more than 1 million college students will accept internships this year, hoping they'll lead to jobs. But, whether or not those interns will translate their experiences into full time employment will all depend on what they do and how they act when they step foot into the office.

FOX Business Network’s Cheryl Casone joined Gretchen Carlson on Fox and Friends this morning to dish out some advice for interns everywhere. First on the list? View your position as an entry level job, not just as an internship, boys and girls.

Below is a list of Casone's other important steps to follow:

  • Don’t be a walking wardrobe malfunction. Dress the part! If your boss wants to send you to an important meeting or event while at work, you don’t want your outfit to cost you the opportunity.
  • Don’t complain. Internships and jobs are work! The company that has hired you did not do so, so that you could sit around and “eat bon bons all day,” as Casone put it.
  • Be social, but don’t be a gossip. Make sure you are appropriate not just with your wardrobe, but with your words. Gossip can hurt your professional reputation, and could make your boss think you are there for the wrong reasons.
  • Don’t pass up the opportunity to show you are an asset to the company. If your boss asks you to come in on a weekend, cancel your plans. Show that you will go the extra mile! You are most likely devoting your time to your desired company, and your social life can wait. This is your future!
  • Adjust your attitude. Make sure to come in to work with a positive attitude. People notice the little things, and they can sometimes go a long way.