Former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman continued in his refusal to name names during hearings this week on the division's targeting of conservatives. Catherine Engelbrecht is president of True the Vote, an organization aimed at exposing voter fraud increasing election accuracy, and she's just one name mentioned last week by a Texas congressman who told the story of a woman subjected to IRS inquiries and audits, visits from the FBI, and more.

Now, Engelbrecht has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the Internal Revenue Service, alleging that was wrongfully targeted as a conservative group with Tea Party ties.

In an interview with Megyn Kelly on Wednesday, Engelbrecht said that the barrage of government interest came after a "glaringly obvious" event.

"Apparently, [it was] after I had the nerve to file a tax exemption application with the IRS for," she said. Before the filing of that document, she claims she never had a stitch of trouble or "government involvement."

"Upon filing, everything changed," she said.

Hear her shocking story in the clip above.