A school teacher - well, a now former school teacher - is speaking out after being fired reportedly because she was the victim of domestic violence. Carie Charlesworth taught 2nd grade at a California Catholic school until her ex-husband showed up in the school's parking lot one day, despite a restraining order Charlesworth had against him. He wound up in jail, but Charlesworth was given the boot from her job, receiving a letter from the diocese stating that it was no longer safe to have her teaching in that or any other diocesan school.

Charlesworth's own four children had to leave the school, as well.

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Speaking to reporters, Charlesworth said she's paid the ultimate price for following the advice of those encouraging abuse survivors to come forward.

"I've done everything they tell a victim of domestic violence to do, and yet I still got punished," she said in a tearful interview.

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"This is a rough one," Megyn Kelly admitted during a Kelly's Court segment on 'America Live.' 

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For defense attorney Faith Jenkins, not so tough. Jenkins lambasted the school's diocese, asking, "What message does this send to victims of domestic violence?! ... This is a Christian school ... I think they need to ask themselves a straight-forward question: 'what would Jesus do?'"

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