Washington high school senior Brittany Minder was hoping for a memorable prom night, and that's exactly what she got ... just not for the reasons she anticipated. School officials at the dance told Minder that she had one choice: she could either cover up her cleavage, or go home, telling her that her dress was in violation of their dress code.

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The code allows for strapless dresses, but cleavage and midriffs must be covered. Minder argues that she was unfairly targeted because of her size and that she's limited as to what she can do to 'cover up.'

"I feel that it's because I am bigger chested, and there is more cleavage that you can see, and I don't know what I can do about that," she told a local reporter. "I felt self-conscious, and it took the magic out of the night."

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Below is more information from the FoxNews.com story, including reaction from some of Minder's friends, who say there were plenty of other girls at the prom wearing revealing dresses.

“She’s gone through a really rough time because prom means a lot to everyone,” said senior Rachel Stoeckel, one of Brittany’s closest friends.

“She just got there and they wouldn’t let her in. It ruined her whole night and experience, and she never gets to do that again.”

Brittany’s family was too distraught to discuss the matter and weren’t prepared for the media attention following the incident. But students said enforcement of the school’s dress code — which mandates that cleavage, midriff and lower back are covered — is anything but uniform. Images of students at the prom posted to Facebook depicted outfits that other students claimed didn’t fit the dress code either.

“I think there were a lot of girls that were wearing risqué dresses, and they got in,” said Stoeckel. District officials, however, said the dress code is clear and requires students to sign a contract detailing what’s acceptable under the policy. 

Watch the report from the local FOX affiliate for more.