According to Reuters, Britain has scrambled fighter jets to escort a Pakistani International Airlines passenger plane on Friday. The plane is carrying 297 passengers from Lahore and was diverted from Manchester, a spokesman for the Defence Ministry said.

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9:33a ET Update: FNC’s Amy Kellogg reports that the plane has landed at Stansted Airport in London and there is an ongoing investigation.

10:00a ET Update: Two men on the plane have been arrested on suspicion of endangerment of an aircraft.

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British police have arrested two men on a plane from Pakistan to England, on suspicion of endangerment of an aircraft, after typhoon fighter jets were launched to investigate an incident on board. The passenger plane landed safely in Manchester, England and a security source tells Sky News that early indications suggest this was not a terror attack. 

The Pakistan International Airlines flight was traveling from Lahore, Pakistan, and reportedly had 297 passengers aboard, Reuters reported. 

The plane was heading towards Manchester when it was abruptly re-routed near York, England and headed back out to North Sea. Then the fighter jets escorted the aircraft to Stansted Airport in Essex, east of London, where it landed, according to Sky News. 

The airline confirmed the action was taken for security reasons. British police say they are investigating an incident that happened during the flight. 

"An incident has occurred on an aircraft. Police and partners are responding," a spokeswoman for Essex police told Sky News. 

A spokesman from Pakistan International Airlines said about a half-hour before landing in Manchester, air traffic control contacted the pilot after apparently receiving some information from British security services.

The plane is now being held at Stansted airport, but the incident has not disrupted airport operations.

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