A couple of Boston students from Emerson College are proving that there's no size limit on giving back. Nick Reynolds and Chris Dobens felt helpless in the wake of the marathon bombings and took it upon themselves to start printing t-shirts that read simply "Boston Strong." They told Shepard Smith on Thursday they would have been satisfied selling 110 shirts at just $20 a pop ... with those proceeds going straight to victims' families. Fast forward to today, and the pair has raised nearly $600,000.

Dobens said that after sitting in their dorm rooms just a mile from the finish line of the Boston Marathon, they decided to devise a plan to give college kids a way to be an active part of the fundraising effort. It was then that they contacted Milwaukee-based printing company Ink to the People, who agreed to take on the shirts.

Dobens and Reynolds' story isn't only a testament to the gumption of two college kids with a goal, but also to the unity the country felt and continues to feel in the wake of the tragedy. Dobens said that in order to keep up with sky-rocketing demand for the shirt, Ink to the People at one point worked a straight 24 hours - through the night - in order to print the amount of shirts needed ... and gave their entire staff overtime for the hours.

Watch the heartwarming story, and get a shirt for yourself.