We experienced a monumental moment of today's The Five, you guys - Eric Bolling and Bob Beckel bonded, agreeing in a debate over safety versus privacy. Bolling asked the group to respond to recent stories of cops collecting license plate numbers and storing them, along with locations, for future use. He piggybacked that story with a similar one involving TSA workers being allowed to search cars valet parked at U.S. airports ... without the traveler's knowledge.

Bolling called the examples blatant overreach by the government, adding that both are direct infringements of our Fourth Amendment right.

And then hell froze over ... or something like it. An outraged Bob Beckel emphatically agreed!

"What gives them the right?!" he exclaimed. "This is another violation of our civil rights ... you've got to stop doing this. If you want to do this, go to Russia."

The pair, ironically, were mostly alone in their anger, with the rest of the team saying they would prefer to be safe than, well, sorry.

"Where's your license plate - on the outside of your car, so no one can see it?" Gutfeld said, tongue-in-cheek.

Watch the full clip, above.