The next time you have a "bad day at work," just remember the story you're about to hear, and we guarantee that you'll feel a little bit better. Why, you ask? Well, try being fired from your job after saying your first two words. That's exactly what happened to (former) Bismarck, North Dakota news anchor A.J. Clemente during his first newscast ... ever.

Apparently unaware that his mic was hot and the broadcast had begun, Clemente can be heard saying as he looked at his script, "F----g s--t"  (um, those dashes are expletives, folks). We take it he didn't very much like whatever his script had him reporting that day.

The Fox and Friends crew had a hay day with the story, with Brian Kilmeade joking, "Being a TV anchor isn't as easy as it looks, people."

Gretchen Carlson, for one, felt a tinge of sympathy for the loose-lipped anchor, but not for the reason you might think.

"I feel bad - he moved all his stuff to Bismarck! I mean, he's from West Virginia, and he moved all his stuff to Bismarck."

Watch an extended clip from America Live below and hear Megyn Kelly's advice for the anchor: