The O'Reilly Factor's host was back in full force on Monday night following his vacation, and picked up the hot-button race issue right where he left it, making it the focus of his Talking Points Memo and saying that there is a growing division in the country between those who believe in personal responsibility and those who refuse to make judgments about behavior and rely on a nanny state.

Bill O'Reilly discussed the two major headlines of the last few weeks that have been tinged by the element of race, one being the story of a handful of black teenagers beating up a white teen on a school bus as the driver watched. O'Reilly contended that the racial divide in the country is not on a downward trend, and there is blame to be passed around to both the "civil rights industry" and the "politically correct" media, who refuse to have an "honest discussion" about the controversial topic.

Watch the full TPM, above.