Gina DeJesus is one of the three women found alive late Monday night after going missing nearly a decade ago in her Ohio neighborhood. On Tuesday, DeJesus' aunt spoke to reporters, asking they give the family privacy as they welcome home their loved one and come to terms with what has transpired over the past ten years.

"I would ask, please, please to give us some space ... we promise that as soon as we get answers and we're able to give you more, we will give you more," she said. The relative also called the reunion with her niece the second miracle in as many weeks, saying that her own sister was just released from the hospital after suffering an aneurysm. 

"God works in mysterious ways. You would never - it's just unbelievable ... these women are so strong, stronger than I am, [and] they all have a positive attitude," she said of Gina and the two others who were kidnapped and released, Amanda Berry and a woman identified as Michelle Knight.

She also told the media that this should serve as a wakeup call and reminder for neighbors to look out for one another, specifically one another's children. 

"We need to watch out for all kids ... really, watch who your neighbor is, because you never know. ... we have to take care of everybody's children," she said.

"If you don't believe in miracles, I suggest you think again."