The aunt of the brothers suspected of carrying out a bombing at Monday's Boston Marathon spoke to the media Friday afternoon, saying she believes her nephews, one of whom is dead after a police shootout, couldn't have committed such a crime. With a manhunt underway for her 19-year-old nephew Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the aunt - Maret Tsarnaev - called for the F.B. I. to "give her evidence" to prove they're responsible.

"Give me evidence!" she exclaimed in the remarks. "All you showed me is a man’s face in a hat standing like this … give me evidence!"


"What I’m saying is, why FBI does not give me more?" she asked. "For me to be convinced that these nephews of mine have committed these kinds of atrocities, I don’t [take it lightly.]"

Maret Tsarnaev went on to say that she had not yet been contacted by the FBI, but that she "strongly believe they couldn’t do this."

"I’m suspicious that this was staged … this picture was staged," she asserted, her frustration and anger palpable. When she was asked who she believed would stage the photo, she responded, "Whoever needs this. Whoever is looking for those who needs to be blamed for these attacks."