A new question has been placed in front of voters in New York City in their considerations of mayoral candidates. This time, that question is whether or not disgraced lawmaker Anthony Weiner deserves another chance after even more explicit texts between the candidate and a mystery woman came to light on Monday. The latest graphic messages were reportedly sent nearly a year after Weiner was essentially forced to resign from Congress. 

Both Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, addressed the press on Monday, with Abedin making rare remarks to say that the matter should remain only between them.

"I made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. That was a decision I made for me, for my son, and for my family. Anthony's made some horrible mistakes, both before he resigned from Congress and after, but I do very strongly believe that is between us and our marriage," she said.

Fox News contributor David Webb weighed in on the new allegations, saying that he understand's Abedin's plea, but because of Weiner's declaration of candidacy for a public office, such privacy isn't possible.

"We have someone here who is going to make public policy ... and has shown he can't even be honest," said Webb. 

And Democratic contributor Leslie Marshall agreed.

"You know, I could forgive somebody for making an error," she said. "The problem is [...] there's a lot of shame here. My problem as a woman is the treatment of other women [...] And when you are in public office, you put in front of the public a lot of your personal life."

To put it bluntly, Marshall said she frankly doesn't believe Weiner is "ready to run for office" based on his inability to rehabilitate his behavior.