The story of a Mormon mother of seven from Arizona who found herself being hauled off to a Mexican jail on charges of drug smuggling has blown up in the media. On last night's On the Record, Yanira Maldonado's daughter, Ana Soto, spoke to Greta Van Susteren about her mom's case in an emotional interview.

Soto said she visited her mother in the prison this past Saturday and called it one of the most difficult trips she's ever made.

"You know, unfortunately, I have to see her in a prison ... nowhere a daughter wants to see her mom at," she said, choking up as she fought back tears. "It was so hard to see her and not be able to hug her ... I mean, it's been one of the hardest things I've ever had to go through in my whole life."

As for conditions in the prison where her mother's being held, Soto said she's 'only heard horrible things about it.'

"I try not to get too involved in that, because it's my mother and I don't want to hurt more than I'm hurting, ... [but] I know it's not a safe place for anyone."

Watch the emotional interview, above.