Amanda Berry lit up an Ohio stage over the weekend in her first public appearance since escaping captivity from a Cleveland home where captor Ariel Castro held her and two others for over a decade. Castro recently agreed to a plea deal that would allow the women to refrain from testifying in court in exchange for a life sentence for the suspect.

TV host and missing persons expert John Walsh reacted to the plea deal on this morning's Fox and Friends, saying, "For me, I think it's too easy for him. He's going to sit in a cell watching colored TV for the rest of his life ... this is a violent coward, and I don't know if it's payment enough."

As for Berry's very public outing, Walsh says he advises kidnapping victims like Amanda to not talk to media until they've entered counseling, citing both Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard as examples of victims who refrained from speaking to the media for upward of one year after their release.