Through the efforts of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the city of San Francisco, "Batkid" became a superhero reality on Friday for a five-year-old suffering from leukemia.

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Little Miles Scott donned his "bat" apparel before braving a shut-down city to rescue a woman from cable-car tracks, help capture The Riddler, and foil a kidnapping by The Penguin. It was all part of massive efforts orchestrated by the city to turn the city on the bay into Gotham City for one day only.

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Residents lined the streets holding posters with words of encouragement for "Batkid" as he was escorted from location to location in - you guessed it - the Batmobile.

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Miles's dad says he's grateful for everyone's help in making his son's dream come true. And even more good news? We're told that the five-year-old's leukemia is in remission!