Twelve-year-old Abby Weatherell is recovering after being mauled by a black bear while out for a routine morning jog in the Michigan woods. Abby told Fox and Friends' Steve Doocy on Tuesday that even though she knew for a fact she couldn't outrun the wild animal, she still tried. That's when it "took her down with its paw," and she proceeded to try a tactic that experts say is the worst thing she could have done. But in the end, it saved her life.

First, she says she tried to kick the bear off of her as it began its assault, guarding her face in the process and at one point even trying to "pet it" in hopes of calming it down. None of the tactics worked.

But then, Abby tried something she'd seen on a Disney show in which they advised playing dead. She did just that, and as it turns out,the TV lesson worked.

Although she's upset to have missed her team's soccer game that day, Abby is in good spirits and says she'll recover.

"I'm in a lot of pain, but it's only temporary," she said.