It's the story that just doesn't seem to end ... that is, that of George Zimmerman and his continual appearances in news headlines. The neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted in July of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin was once again the subject of media attention after his estranged wife made a frantic call to police, claiming Zimmerman was threatening her and her father with a gun.

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In the 911 audio, Shellie Zimmerman can be heard telling the emergency dispatcher that George was "trying to shut the garage door on her," among a slew of allegations, adding that she believed he was "going to shoot" both her and her father.

Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara, did say his client had a firearm on him at the scene of the incident, but that neither Shellie, her father, nor the police ever saw it. Shellie's father and Zimmerman both admitted to hitting each other during a physical confrontation, though neither ultimately filed charges.

"Look, I think that everybody got a little bit out of hand," O'Mara said in a statement to the press on Monday. "I think there may have been some pushing and touching; that happens a lot in divorce situations ... I'm just very glad that it did not cause any injuries whatsoever to anybody..."

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In the 911 call, Shellie Zimmerman also said that her husband took her iPad and slashed its screen with a pocket knife before slamming it on the ground. That iPad is now in police custody, and it's believed authorities are trying to extract video that Shellie may have been capturing during the dispute.

This is the third time since his controversial acquittal that George Zimmerman has made headlines. He was pulled over by police in Texas for speeding and also was involved in a traffic incident in which police said he helped rescue a man from an overturned vehicle.

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