You're never too old for a career change ... and that's something that 90-year-olds Lee and Morty Kaufman know all too well, rising to internet and YouTube fame with their viral video commercials for Swiffer.

The adorable couple stopped by the curvy couch on Monday, telling the Fox and Friends folks what it's like to gain fame in their 90s and how the whole experience came to fruition.

"It fell into our laps accidentally," Morty said. "My daughter suggested that we were a suitable, mature couple to a friend who was a casting director .. and we fell into it. We didn't know better!"

His wife, Lee, says it's a whole new career for the pair, and the videos are completely organic - meaning, there's no script and no rehearsed lines. What you see is what you get!

"We just did what comes naturally," Morty said.

The backstory of their relationship reads like a bittersweet novel. The two met as widows when they were in their early 40s. Lee was a first-grade teacher and had just finished teaching Morty's youngest son in summer school. At the end of the summer, mandatory parent-teacher conferences began, and ... "in [Morty] walked."

The couple say they're not hanging up their dancing shoes anytime soon and have loved their Swiffer experience so far.

"We're enjoying the limelight," Lee said.