A Maryland veteran was on “Fox and Friends” this morning, where he told Tucker Carlson that his disability claims have been lost and mishandled by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

U.S. Army veteran Jim Handy said he filed a disability claim for hearing loss and knee problems in August 2010. He was told the claim would take awhile to process, so he waited until January 2011 to call and check on its status. The VA told him that they had no record of him filing, so he had to re-file.

In February 2012, the VA approved his hearing loss claim but denied his disability claim for his knees, saying that there was no evidence that those injuries occurred while on active duty. Handy said he then learned that the VA had lost his entire medical history for the 10 years that he was in the Army.

Handy has written to his local politicians, who have contacted the VA on his behalf as well. He said that the VA has told lawmakers the same thing it has told him, which is that his claim is in the appeals process and “they’ll get to it when they can.”

Watch his full interview above.

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