A small airplane became entangled with a skydiver’s parachute in Florida Saturday, sending both crashing to the ground.

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Pilot Sharon Trembley, 87, was doing take-off and landing exercises in his Cessna just before the collision.

The wing of Trembley’s plane became entangled in John Frost’s parachute about 75 feet above ground. His quick thinking is what ended up saving the life of the 49-year-old Frost.

Trembley, a WWII veteran who's been flying for over 60 years, brought the nose of the plane up at the last second, avoiding Frost and instead striking the parachute cords.

"I was extremely lucky, The potential was very high for me to come into contact with the propeller," said Frost.

Incredibly, neither of the men were seriously injured, but were taken to the hospital. The National Transportation Safety Board and FAA are investigating.

See the photos of the impact below and check out the report from Phil Keating above.

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