Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) was on “America’s News Headquarters” today, where he discussed Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul’s speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

In his speech, Paul said that the NSA monitors all phone calls. “If you have a cellphone, you are under surveillance. I believe what you do on your cellphone is none of their damn business.”

Jamie Colby asked King if this is a winning strategy to secure young people’s votes.

“I think it’s an ignorant strategy which shows that he’s unfit to be a leader of a party. To say that the NSA is monitoring people’s phone calls – the NSA does not listen to anyone’s phone calls, cannot record the conversations of anyone’s phone call, unless there’s a court order, and that can only be obtained after [they’ve] shown direct contact with a terrorist overseas. That’s the same standard that’s applied to drug pushers, child pornographers, organized crime. So if Rand Paul was saying that the government has no right to go in and get […] authorized surveillance of organized crime figures, child pornographers, that’s his business. I don’t want a president of the United States who believes that we should be exempting criminals and allow criminals to use phones. Every innocent citizen in this country is fully protected. He knows that.”

King said Paul continues to distort the reality of the NSA surveillance program and said, “I hope that young people are smart enough to see through this charade.”

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