NBC sportscaster Bob Costas was on “Media Buzz” to discuss controversy surrounding his coverage of the Olympics and more.

Costas explained his political views to Howard Kurtz, saying, “To the extent that I am liberal, I’m like a Juan Williams liberal who will call out the excesses and the contradictions of the extreme left, and to the extent that I’m conservative, I’m like a Bernie Goldberg conservative. I think there are some common sense issues on which I would agree with him.”

“I think a lot of people who watch Fox News would be surprised at how much George Will I read, how much Charles Krauthammer or Rich Lowry or on and on, and how often I nod in agreement and how much I respect those voices,” Costas said. “I don’t respect the heat-over-light voices, which can be found in some corners of Fox News and can be found on the radio as well.”

Costas drew some criticism for his coverage of Russia and Vladimir Putin during the Olympics in Sochi. Costas said that the criticism of his words is unfair because the discussion was taken out of context. He said he and his team were simply framing the issues against which the Olympic Games were held.

“This is a cut-and-paste kind of thing, people looking to be outraged, looking for something that they can extrapolate incorrect assumptions from,” Costas said. “If they cared about fairness and facts, they would have taken a look at all the things that I said in primetime.”

Watch Part 1 of his interview above. Below, watch Parts 2 and 3, in which Costas discusses the Redskins and his pink eye.

Part 2

Part 3

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