An artist who has set out to make a “normal Barbie” was on “Fox and Friends” this morning.

On his Kickstarter, which has already exceeded funding goals, Nickolay Lam wrote, “What if fashion dolls were made using standard body proportions?”

The doll, named Lammily, wears minimal makeup and is dressed “with striking simplicity.” Her tagline is "Average is beautiful," and she has typical body proportions.

Lam said this morning that he sometimes feels insecure and can’t imagine what women have to go through “because they’re subject to much higher beauty standards than men.”

“I wasn’t trying to make an anti-Barbie, I’m not trying to take her off the shelves,” he said. “I’m just trying to make an alternative.”

Lam said he hopes to send a message to young girls that they are beautiful as they are and that they don’t need to adhere to unrealistic beauty standards.

Interested in pre-ordering Lammily? Check out Lam's Kickstarter page.

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