House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers is mulling whether or not to recall former CIA Director David Petraeus and his ex-deputy Michael Morell to testify on Benghazi.

The two could face tough questions on the mortar attack on the CIA annex which killed two former Navy SEALs.

Rogers said evidence suggests that a highly skilled team carried out the mortar strike, during which five rounds were fired in under a minute. Three hit the annex roof.

According to Rogers, the attack “was either significantly preplanned, or it was a mortar crew that was exceptionally good."

Morell said in a January 2013 letter to the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman that “the nature of the attacks suggested they did not involve significant pre-planning."

Five military officers concluded that terrorists pre-set the location of the attack because of its accuracy and the fact that rounds were fired in the darkness.

Two sources say Petraeus’ statements to Congress downplayed planning and skill needed in the mortar attack. He stated that the mortars could have been fired from the back of a truck with the same level of accuracy.

There is no video of the mortar strike.

Petraeus did not respond to Fox News on his assessment of the mortar attack. Questions asked by Fox News to Morell were referred to the CIA public affairs office.

Watch Catherine Herridge’s rull report above.

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