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Bob Costas has the voice, the delivery and the encyclopedic knowledge of sports that have made him one of the country’s best broadcasters. But it is his political opinions that critics are finding out of bounds.

So when I was sitting across from him in New York, I knew I had to go on offense. The man is capable of drowning you in a river of words.

But as you’ll see Sunday on “Media Buzz,” this was an extraordinarily candid interview.

The NBC sportscaster views himself as being under assault by some Fox News and talk radio commentators—but in decrying that culture, he did not exempt MSNBC from his indictment.

“You have to have an outrage of the day, and a villain of the day and even if that person has to be caricatured in order to make the discussion easier and more heated,” Costas told me. 

He added that “NBC Sports is not an extension of MSNBC, no matter what anyone may think about MSNBC.”

Costas was defending his coverage of Vladimir Putin during the Sochi Olympics, explaining why he seemed to be praising the Russian president at the outset. His sharp criticism of Putin later on drew less coverage, in Costas’ view “because there’s no payoff in that. It doesn’t feed the narrative.”

But Costas didn’t duck when I asked him to explain his political views—and some of what he says may surprise you. (Not gonna give it all away here.)

We moved beyond Sochi to examine his controversial comments on gun control and the Washington Redskins name, but the theme was the same: Was he injecting liberal views into the sports arena, where most fans may prefer entertainment to politics? Doesn’t he risk alienating many viewers?

You may or may not be a Costas fan, but I’ll say this: He swung at every pitch.

And yes, I asked him about the pinkeye.

Costas Responds on 'The Factor' to 'Flimsy' Controversy Over Putin Comments