Oscar Pistorius’ ex-girlfriend took the stand on the fifth day of his murder trial. The Olympian, known as "Blade Runner," is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, last year.

Witness in Pistorius Murder Trial Testifies She Heard "Bloodcurdling" Screams

Pistorius has pleaded not guilty, and claims that he accidentally shot Steenkamp because he thought she was an intruder hiding in the bathroom.

Earlier in the trial, the defense argued that the screams witnesses heard were from Pistorius, not Steenkamp, and that tests have been done to prove he screams like a woman.

His ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor testified, “That is not true. He sounds like a man.”

Taylor said she has seen Pistorius be “very anxious” and that he would shout at her.

On Happening Now, criminal defense attorney Heather Hansen said that in South Africa, 45 people are murdered a day. “It is the type of place where people carry weapons. […] And the judge knows that, and that is definitely going to weigh in his favor as far as whether or not this is reasonable.”

Watch the Happening Now debate with Hansen and Arthur Aidala above.

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