Sarah Murnaghan’s parents fought against government red tape to get her the double lung transplant needed to save her life. Her successful fight for life last year was chronicled every step of the way by Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr.

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But the case has sparked a debate over the age requirement for adult lung transplants and led to some critical comments toward the family on Facebook. On Fox and Friends this morning, Johnson expressed his outrage over the backlash.

“This makes me ashamed to be an American,” Johnson said about the cruel comments toward Sarah and her family.

People expressed their anger that the rules were changed for the little girl. There were also despicable comments about Sarah’s appearance.

Under Facebook standards, Johnson said that users are not allowed to post hate speech.

“I would suggest that there is hate speech on this site, that they do talk about disability in a frightful, disturbing, un-American way that doesn’t do credit or service to the heroism and courage of this 12-year-old girl and her family who fought so hard.”

Johnson challenged the creators of this Facebook page to call him so that he can explain the fight for lungs and what happened in this particular case.

“Let’s support Sarah and her family this morning. We’re not about hate in this country. We’re about love,” he said.

Watch the full interview above.

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