New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got a surprisingly positive response from the conservative base as he delivered a speech to CPAC on Thursday. Ann Coulter weighed in on Hannity, assessing whether this marks the beginning of a political comeback for Christie in terms of support from conservatives.

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Coulter believes the loud ovation for Christie was more about a "screw you to the media" by conservatives, rather than new "love" for Christie. She highlighted the continuous coverage on MSNBC of the "Bridgegate" scandal.

"If you turn on MSNBC at any moment, their coverage is: 'and what if he committed a murder?!'" she joked.

Beyond that, there's one issue that Coulter believes "separates the mice from the men" in the Republican Party and Coulter will be speaking on it at CPAC on Saturday.

"The only thing that matters is amnesty," she said, noting that you won't be hearing from any other "anti-amnesty" speakers at CPAC.

"It's the only issue for anyone that cares about America," said Coulter. 

Watch the full discussion above, and tune in to Hannity, tonight at 10p/1a ET for more on CPAC 2014.

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