A Russia Today anchor is making headlines for quitting on air in protest of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

Anchor Canned for First Words in First (And Last) Newscast Ever

Liz Wahl, who used to be a Fox News intern, said she could not be part of a network that “whitewashes” the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

RT hit back, saying there are better ways for employees to express their grievances. Critics slammed Wahl for using this is a political stunt.

Today on Your World, Wahl set the record straight with Neil Cavuto.

She said that since the crisis in Crimea began, RT began using its airwaves as a propaganda machine to showcase Putin’s foreign policy views.

“I think eventually you have to draw a red line in your career,” she said.

That red line came for Wahl on Wednesday, when she interviewed Senator Rand Paul (R-KY). She said her words “Russian military intervention” were cut from the newscast.  

“In all the time you were there,” Neil said, “You knew it was Russian TV, right?”

Wahl said she was not aware of how much of Putin’s views would be propagated.

Since quitting, she said, “I have gotten an overwhelmingly positive response, especially from the people of Ukraine voicing their appreciation for what I said.”

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