Laura and Joe Landaker marked the seventh anniversary of their son’s death, Marine Lt. Jared Landaker, by visiting his grave at Riverside National Cemetery in California.They were shocked to find his peaceful resting place had been turned into a construction zone with the grave markers flipped on their sides.

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This morning on Fox and Friends, Laura and Joe spoke to Brian Kilmeade about their fight to ensure no one else has to witness a similar scene.

The couple doesn’t have a problem with the renovations, but the disrespect that was shown is what disturbed them. Laura described seeing tractors rolling over headstones.

She said, “I hope they turn my son’s last resting place into the most beautiful cemetery in the country. I completely understand what they were doing. I was just upset with the lack of respect and honor at the way they did it.”

Congressman Paul Cook (R-CA) is joining the Veterans Affairs to create a dignity clause to make sure more care is taken at national cemeteries. 

The Landakers established the Seven Stars Foundation after their son died in Iraq. Joe described Jared as an athlete and a scholar who joined the military after 9/11. “His motto to me was, ‘I want to fly Marines in, but more importantly, I want to fly them out.’”

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