Is the United States to blame for what has taken place in Ukraine? Judge Andrew Napolitano weighed in on Fox and Friends this morning and in a column on, making the case that the Obama administration is at least partially to blame for the situation that has unfolded.

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He pointed back to the leaked audio recording of top U.S. diplomat Victoria Nuland, saying that the U.S. was working behind the scenes to support the protests and oust the government of Russia-friendly President Viktor Yanukovych​.

Napolitano highlighted a statement by Secretary of State John Kerry, who proclaimed Wednesday that the Ukrainian people are entitled to their own government.

"Guess what. They had their own government until there were riots and demonstrations in the streets. Who paid for and who fomented the riots and demonstrations in the streets? Well, if you listen to the tapped and taped phone call of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, we did," said Napolitano, adding that U.S. involvement stemmed from Yanukovych accepting loans from Russia instead of the EU.

"You're gonna say we paid those protesters?" Brian Kilmeade asked.

Napolitano answered "absolutely," saying the situation in Crimea is a "consequence" of the U.S. "meddling in another country."

As for the Russian forces in the streets of Crimea, Napolitano said they are not there lawfully and pointed out that the troops are not wearing Russian military uniforms.

"By not wearing the insignias, by not identifying themselves as part of the Russian army, they are literally outlaws. They are not protected by the Geneva Conventions. You could literally and lawfully shoot them in the streets," he explained.

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