There are growing calls to follow the money on ObamaCare. Republican lawmaker Peter Roskam (IL) is planning to introduce a bill today that is aimed at keeping track of the $1.8 trillion taxpayer dollars expected to be spent on ObamaCare over the next decade.

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This morning on America’s Newsroom, Rep. Roskam spoke to Martha MacCallum about the importance of having a special inspector general for the Affordable Care Act. He noted that inspector generals for the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and the TARP program have helped save billions of dollars.

Currently, Rep. Roskam said no one is in charge over tracking the money for the overall program.

“It kind of begs the question if you’ve got a program that’s going to cost $1.8 trillion dollars, why wouldn’t you put that same oversight?” he said, adding that the Obama administration has not been forthcoming about ObamaCare.