You know what they say about "no good deed."

A Colorado man is facing late fees, collection agency charges and legal bills totaling more than $800 and it all stems from his $40 purchase of Girl Scout Cookies.

Starnes: Why I'm Not Buying Girl Scout Cookies This Year

When he bought the cookies, Tad Osborn wrote a check to the Girl Scouts that didn't clear due to a mix-up. When the Girl Scouts did not receive payment, the bill eventually went to a collections agency, which notified Osborn that he owed $82 for the cookies.

Osborn says he provided documentation that showed that the debt was simply an error, and called the resulting bills "predatory."

“What did I do to deserve this? I just wrote the check. I was helping the Girl Scouts and now I’m having to go court over and over again and answering legal questions that I have no business answering,” said Osborn to CBS Denver, as he continues to fight the collection agency.

The Girl Scouts of Colorado said their policy is to contact the customer over an outstanding debt before it goes to a collections agency, but Osborn said he never received any notifications.

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