The Rutgers University New Brunswick Faculty Council is urging the school to rescind its invitation to Condoleezza Rice to speak at commencement.

The Board of Governors plans to pay Rice $35,000 for her commencement address and will award an honorary Doctor of Laws degree to the former secretary of state.

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The Faculty Council says it objects to Rice speaking at commencement because she misled the American people in Iraq about weapons of mass destruction. Faculty members also cite her co-involvement in enhanced methods of interrogation.

Rutgers University professor Rudolph Bell was on “Hannity” tonight to discuss the situation.

Hannity asked Bell if he would support President Obama speaking at commencement even though he misled the American people when he said, “If you like your plan, you can keep it.”

“The reason for inviting Obama would be because of his office, the same as Gov. Christie, I would have no objection to inviting [them],” Bell said.

Hannity said he doesn’t think Bell believes in freedom of speech.

“You should be thankful to God you got somebody as qualified as her and I bet you’re not gonna get qualified people if you keep acting this way,” Hannity said.

Watch their exchange above.

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