The United States government has pledged $1 billion in aid to Ukraine. The package includes technical assistance to help the country’s economy as it faces a military threat from Russia.

Judge Nap: 'Obama Admin Fomented the Protests in Ukraine'

Today on Your World, host Neil Cavuto noted that the U.S. has given over $7 billion in aid to Libya, Egypt and Syria – all of which remain unstable.

Former Congressman Ron Paul said there may be unintended consequences to America’s good intentions.

He said, “[Ukraine] is behind on their payments to Russia for their natural gas. So maybe if we send money to their new government, they will pay Russia the money for their gas.”

Paul called the aid package wasteful, especially given that the U.S. is in so much debt. He also speculated that there are ulterior motives behind U.S. interventions overseas.

“We don’t have clean hands. Sometimes it has to do with energy and special interests and the military, industrial conflicts," Paul charged.

Furthermore, he said, “I’ve always argued that foreign aid is a process where you take money from poor people in this country and give it to rich people in other countries, because the people never seem to be helped. […] It’s government to government.”

While Paul said he believes in helping people around the world, he thinks we should start with allowing Americans to “keep their own money… and if they want to donate to these countries, fine and dandy.”

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