Parents demanded answers at a school board meeting tonight after heroin was found in the bathroom of a New York elementary school.

Heroin and needles were found in a faculty bathroom at Benjamin Cosor Elementary School in Fallsburg twice in the past three months.

Surveillance video showed that six teachers, an aide and a contractor used the bathroom before the drugs were found. They were ordered to give urine samples.

Initially, they all agreed, but then the teachers union stepped in and advised them against it. Only the contractor – who is not a member of the union – submitted to the test.

The union isn’t speaking about the incident, and the investigation is moving at a snail’s pace.

Parents say they didn’t find out about the drugs until after the second incident. The meeting tonight was to discuss the school budget, but parents used it to voice their anger about the situation.

Watch Trace Gallagher's report above.

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