A girl’s Facebook post just cost her family a whopping $80,000. The girl bragged about her father’s discrimination settlement on Facebook writing, “Mama and Papa Snay won the case against Gulliver. Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. Suck it.”

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Her father, 69-year-old Patrick Snay was the former head of Gulliver Preparatory School. He filed an age discrimination complaint after his contract wasn’t renewed. In the settlement, however, Snay signed a confidentiality agreement.

Attorney Elura Nanos and Michele Sileo discussed the case on Your World in the clip above.

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The case originated in 2010 when Gulliver declined to renew Snay’s contract following years of employment. Snay, now 69, claimed age discrimination and retaliation that involved his daughter, a student at the school.

Gulliver settled the case in November of 2011 and agreed to pay checks of $10,000 in back wages, another $60,000 to Snay’s attorneys, and an $80,000 settlement to Snay. The terms hinged on a confidentiality agreement that according to Wells required Snay and his wife to keep the “terms and existence” of the agreement private.

Snay, however, immediately told his daughter that he’d settled and was happy with the results. He said in depositions that he and his wife knew they had to say something because she suffered “psychological scars” from issues during her enrollment at the school and was aware that they were in mediation with Gulliver attorneys.

“We knew what the restrictions were, yet we needed to tell her something,” he said.

Alone, it’s unlikely confiding in Dana Snay would have jeopardized the settlement. But having just graduated from Gulliver, she took to social media to crow — the European vacation was just a joke, apparently — and in doing so broadcast to current and former students of the school that Gulliver had just lost its case with its former headmaster.

So much for confidential.

Four days after inking the deal, Gulliver’s attorneys notified the former headmaster that they wouldn’t pay. When Snay won a ruling to enforce the settlement, Gulliver appealed and won.