Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) joined Martha MacCallum tonight to discuss the situation in Ukraine and the 2015 budget.

After watching the clip of President Obama mocking Mitt Romney for calling Russia the country’s greatest geopolitical adversary, Ryan said, “You know, there are moments, Martha, when I just look down, shake my head and say ‘I can’t believe we lost to these guys.’”

Ryan said the president has been naïve toward Russia and that his reset has been a total failure.

“I think this is what happens when a superpower projects weakness in its foreign and defense policy,” he said. “Aggression fills that vacuum, and I think that’s what’s happening right now.”

Ryan also discussed the 2015 budget that Obama released today. “It is one of those dead-on-arrival budgets,” he said of the proposal, which calls for $56 billion in new spending.

“I think he’s going farther to the left,” Ryan said. “This is a budget where the president basically raised the white flag and has surrendered his administration for the next three years.”

Watch his full interview above.

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