Secretary of State John Kerry spoke about the crisis in Ukraine from the capital of Kiev.

Obama: 'Putin Is Not Fooling Anybody'

Kerry said, “In the eyes of the world there is nothing strong about what Russia is doing.”

He pushed back on Russia’s claim that they had to use armed forces against Ukraine’s opposition. He also criticized ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych for ‘fleeing into the night’ and “abandoning his people, and eventually his country.”

Kerry said, “The Russian government would also have you believe that the calm and friendly streets, – one of which I walked down, but many of which I just drove through – that somehow these streets of Kiev are actually dangerous.”

He said in reality, there has been no surge in crime or looting, and no surge in political retribution.  

As for the United States, Kerry said, “President Obama and I want to make it clear to Russia and everybody in the world, we are not seeking confrontation. There’s a better way for Russia to pursue its legitimate interests in Ukraine.”

If Russia does not choose to de-escalate, then Kerry said the United States and its allies “will have no choice” but to expand upon steps to isolate Russia politically, diplomatically and economically. 

For the latest on the Ukraine crisis check out Shepard Smith Reporting, live from Kiev, today at 3p ET.

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