Republican Senator Marco Rubio (FL) responded to the Obama administration’s handling of the Ukraine crisis.

He told Gretchen Carlson, “I certainly think that now the right steps are being taken. We need to continue to do more.”

Unlike some of his GOP colleagues, Rubio said he doesn’t believe now is the time to criticize the Obama administration’s foreign policy because it undermines U.S. global interests.

Sen. Rubio said the U.S. needs to keep the situation from worsening by “doing what we can to help the government in Kiev to transition to normalcy.”

The second focus he outlined is making Russia face economic and diplomatic consequences for its actions.

“We cannot allow the established norms in the 21st Century to be that a government can simply move in to a neighboring country when they don’t like the political direction their neighbor is headed,” Sen. Rubio said.

The senator wrote an eight-step plan outlining how he believes President Obama should handle this situation. One of the steps includes expelling Russia from the G-8 and rallying allies to boycott the G-8.

“I think that’s a realistic goal,” he said. “The G-8 is supposed to be a collection of mature economies and mature democracies. Russia is not a mature democracy under President Putin.”

Rubio said looking into domestic energy sources will allow countries in the region to become more independent from Russia‘s natural gas. 

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