It wasn’t long ago that Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili defended his country from Russian invasion. In 2008, Russia and Georgia engaged in a five-day conflict. Today, Russia has reportedly taken over the Crimea region in Ukraine.

Rubio: 'Russia's Democracy Is Not Mature Under Putin'

The former president spoke to Neil Cavuto on Your World about the rising tensions in Ukraine. He said he is advising the new Ukrainian government to exercise self-restraint, but also to prepare for the worst.

Saakashvili said Russian President Vladimir Putin will continue seizing land unless the West takes permanent action to tame him.

“It will escalate to serious grave problems for Europe,” he said. “It’s really in U.S. interests because the U.S. has benefited from the post-Second World War order, post-Cold War order in Europe, and the U.S. has everything to lose with the collapse of that order.”

Putin has denied this his forces are in Crimea. Saakashvili said that a person who can tell such a lie in the 21st century is dangerous. “He doesn’t want to be liked by his neighbors; he wants to be feared by his neighbors.” 

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