Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) went “On The Record” tonight to defend Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who recently said that all ObamaCare horror stories are untrue.

Murphy said there have been a lot of false high-profile stories in campaign ads.

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“Of course, some people will have bad experiences, but a lot of people had bad experiences under the old health care system,” he said.

Greta Van Susteren said her problem with Reid’s remarks is that he did not go back to the floor and correct himself. She said he is not a first time offender in “saying awful things,” referencing when Reid said he had heard from a “credible source” that Mitt Romney hadn’t paid income taxes.

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“He’s got loose lips, and he says terrible things, and yet he continues to be your leader,” Van Susteren said.

Murphy said that Reid has been tough on Republicans but that someone on the Senate floor needs to discuss the falsehoods being put forth.

Watch their exchange above.