Can eating too much protein be bad for your health? Dr. Marc Siegel explained the latest study that says a high-protein diet may be as deadly as smoking.

What Diet Plan Works Best for You?

The study found that middle-aged people with animal protein-rich diets are about 75 percent more likely to die from diseases such as cancer or diabetes. The same study also found that eating a moderate amount of protein for people 65 years and older can be beneficial.

Dr. Siegel said there’s a growth protein called IGF-1 that leads to inflammation. He noted, “Cancer is a condition of over inflammation in the body… So protein is feeding cancer cells if you take it at the wrong time.”

As people age, the amount of that protein decreases, but it is needed to help fight infection.

Instead, Dr. Siegel recommended people aged 50-64 replace animal protein with fruit and vegetables. “You can have a burger occasionally, just cut down on it.”

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