A Connecticut gun store has taken some heat over the past week for posting the photo above on its Facebook page. The picture of the six-month-old girl was reportedly snapped by her father, Christopher Duffy, at Woodbridge Firearms Trading Post, where he'd recently bought the rifle.

Duffy said he placed the gun there to test how light it was, and was holding it the whole time. The picture drew a strong backlash amid the fierce gun control debate going on in the state after the Sandy Hook school attack.

The photo has since been removed. The post generated fierce debate among gun rights supporters and gun control advocates.

Martha MacCallum got some reaction this morning from Leslie Marshall and Michael Graham, who noted that last year he generated a harsh response when he posted a Facebook picture of his 14-year-old son firing a gun at a range.

He compared this photo in Connecticut to families who take a funny picture of their child holding a beer bottle or sitting behind the wheel.

"What is there to react to? The six-month-old is not gonna sling the bolt-action rifle over his shoulder and head out to the local mall! It was just a funny family photo. ... This is all about hating guns. It has nothing to do with parenthood or safety or legislation. This is all about 'guns are icky,' which is a juvenile way to see the world," said Graham, adding that a "frightening" number of people in New England live in "abject fear and terror" of guns.

Marshall argued that the "overwhelming majority" of Americans believe there need to be universal background checks for gun purchases and called on lawmakers in Washington to take up the issue again.

She noted that the image is like "pouring salt in the wounds" of those who were affected by the Dec. 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.

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Watch the debate below and tell us what you think of the picture.