A spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat down with Martha MacCallum tonight to discuss the conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

In a recent interview, Obama said that the situation between Israel and Palestine “will not improve or resolve itself.” He said that if Palestinians begin to believe that a deal is not possible, “then our ability to manage the international fallout is going to be limited.”

Mark Regev, the spokesperson for the prime minister, said that Israel has been working closely with Secretary of State John Kerry to move the peace process forward.

“We want a deal,” Regev said. “We want to see if it’s possible to have a historic peace between us and the Palestinians. But we want a real peace, a secure peace, a durable peace, not just a piece of paper that doesn't mean anything. We've had examples in the past in which Israel has left [a] territory, like Gaza, only to be attacked from the very territory that we evacuated. So we want to make sure that this peace process is done right, that it's done in a way that brings a real peace, a solution that we really want.”

Regev said the conflict is about refusal to accept the legitimacy of the Jewish state.

Watch his full interview above.

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