Former vice presidential candidate and ex-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was on “Hannity” tonight to discuss the crisis in Ukraine.

Back in 2008, she predicted that Russia might invade Ukraine.

“Well, anyone who carries the common sense gene would know that Putin doesn’t change his stripes,” Palin told Sean Hannity tonight. “He hearkens back to the era of the czars and he wants that Russian empire to grow again.”

Palin said that there is a link between energy and security. She said the United States isn’t developing its resources, but Russia is, and Putin is strengthening Russia’s power and influence in the world.

“People are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil,” she said. “They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates. We are not exercising that peace through strength that only can be brought to you courtesy of the red white and blue, that only a strengthened United States military can do.”

According to Palin, other countries no longer see a nation to emulate in America due to Obama’s leadership. Now, she says countries are taking advantage of America’s current weakness.

Watch her full interview above.

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