Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House’s Select Committee on Intelligence, was on “Fox News Sunday” to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

Russian President Putin got approval to send troops to Ukraine, and the Russian military has seized Crimea without firing a single shot.

Rogers said that for Putin, Crimea has the greatest military, strategic and economic impact. He said that Russia’s upper chamber has a proposal that would allow Crimea to become part of the Russian Federation if Crimea wanted to.

Russia has made many bold moves recently, including moving its borders out about 11 kilometers in Georgia and helping Syrian President Bashar Assad remain in power during U.N. negotiations.

“If you look at a series of events, Russia believes that there is nothing going to stop them, which is why they’ve been so aggressive in Crimea,” Rogers said.

President Obama has warned that “there will be costs” should Russia take military action. He also threatened not to attend G-8 planning sessions.

Rogers said the G-8 summit in Sochi should be canceled altogether.

Chris Wallace asked Rogers how he thinks Obama has been handling relations with Russia versus how Putin handles relations with the United States.

“I think Putin is playing chess and I think we’re playing marbles,” Rogers said.

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