Below is the transcript from Judge Jeanine Pirro's opening statement on the Obama administration and the crisis in Ukraine.

The United States was the world's super power - both respected and feared.

Wartime presidents like FDR, Eisenhower, and JFK said what they meant and meant what they said.

Fast forward to the Obama administration - clueless on the world stage. Completely clueless on the war front.  

President Obama has no war strategy....

A feckless and fickle foreign policy... and a paper tiger image - all the while threatening just about everybody and going after just about nobody.  

Never meaning what he says or saying what he means...

His policies are destroying our country...

Putting our troops in harm's way...

And endangering America's security.

His bloviating is creating ill will around the world.

Pity the next president.

The skirmish hasn't even begun between Russia and Ukraine, yet President Obama runs out to a hastily arranged press conference last night to get in the middle of the fight, warning Russia that there will be costs for any Russian military intervention.  

Really, Mr. President - what are you going to do?  Your red lines become pink lines which in the end make us look completely yellow.

And just this afternoon, President Obama had a call with President Putin, where he told Putin that Putin's actions would negatively impact Russia's standing in the international community.  

Seriously? You're worried about Russia's standing in the international community?  Why don't you worry about your own - which is a mess!

And by the way - who made you the world's cop?  Being dictator in the United States doesn't make you king of the world.  What is it about you?  Is it your ego?  You don't have a dog in that fight.

Don't you have enough to do here at home?

You can't win a war... And yet you can't wait to get in the middle of someone else's?  

Come on... Is it those war credentials you earned fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan after dithering for months deciding on a troop surge, telling the enemy your withdrawal date? Clueless...

Some military strategy... One apparently even you didn't believe, according to your then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.  

Why are you scrapping for a fight? For what? Your red lines, your threats, your foreign policy is full of hot air.  It's actually embarrassing...

You don't have a foreign policy - and everybody knows it.

Have you already forgotten that you and hapless Hagel just announced this week you were reducing the size of the military to pre-World War II levels while the rest of the world is on the march - increasing the size of their military!

And by the way - what does a pre-World War II level mean?  

Everyone is going to flying around in a prop plane??  Then for sure - we'll never be able to protect our troops around the world, as in Benghazi.  

Hell - why not go back to F troop!


And what's with hapless Hagel?  One of two senators voting against sanctioning Iran who on Al Jazeera said the U.S. was the world bully. Who are you?

With the advancement of global terrorism, the black al Qaeda flag flying in Iraq, with the hatred of America at an all time high, with Russia aligned with Syria and Iran, you geniuses decide to make drastic cuts in the military?

And what's with you and Putin? At least Putin got his parliament to give him permission to use troops in Ukraine.  Your own Congress wouldn't back you when you were dithering about Syria.  

You threatening Putin - isn't he the guy you engaged to broker a deal with Syria?  Relying on *his* credibility to tell you that Syria would eliminate its chemical weapons?  And therefore eliminate the need for your embarrassing "limited strike?"

And speaking of Putin - you begged him to return that traitor Edward Snowden.  You know, the one who told us the truth after your director of national intelligence, clueless Clapper, perjured himself and lied before Congress...

And speaking of Syria - why did you wait for the blood of a hundred thousand innocent civilians to be spilled in the sands of Syria before you threatened to act?  Yet in Ukraine - they haven't even started the fighting and you want to get involved??  

By the way - aren't you supposed to be a pacifist?  Did you forget you won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Everyone is laughing at us.  You're like a schoolyard bully.  No one's afraid of you. Putin sure as hell isn't. He knows you're no Eisenhower.  No FDR.  No JFK.

He's former high ranking KGB.  He's got all the military credentials he needs.  

And what might your military credentials be, Mr. Commander-in-Chief?

And that's my opening statement.