A disabled veteran says he was kicked out of a Houston Thai restaurant because he brought his service dog with him.

Aryeh Ohayon, an Army and Navy veteran who served for 23 years, suffers from PTSD. He said on “Fox and Friends” this morning that his dog Bandit can sense when he’s having an onset of a flashback and helps him through it.

Ohayon said he went into Thai Spice Buffett II and was told by an employee that he could not have his dog in the restaurant. She then got a manager, who also said dogs were not allowed in the restaurant.

The veteran then called police, and he said the responding officer told him he didn’t need a service animal because he’s not blind.

Texas has a law in place which keeps veterans with service dogs from being refused entry to public places. But Ohayon said he was told that Thai Spice Buffet II is a private entity, so it doesn’t have to follow the law.

Ohayon said he believes the situation happened due to a lack of education.

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